Returning Early September…

This site will recommence in early September. In the meantime, you can explore the old posts. For updates on what in the world is going on with our adoption process, you can follow our family blog at Our attorney has advised us to keep it password protected, so if you need the password, leave a comment, message me on Facebook, or email me and I’ll shoot it your way.

Regardless, please remember to keep us in your prayers.

It’s Time to Blow The Dust Off This Thing

Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Well maybe not, but it certainly is time to finally dust off this old blog. Actually, it’s quite a bit more than a simple “dust off.” It’s a complete renovation. Life has been crazy over the past year and I was forced to prioritize in order to make sure that I got the most important things done. Blogging, as you can imagine, was very near to the bottom of the list and so it was just “axed” altogether. The plan was to wait until I knew I had a sufficient amount of time to devote to it a week. So here we are over a year later, and I’m finally at a point where I believe I have both the time and the desire.

Not only is the design new, but several other things are new as well. The comments are now fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter so that you can log in using one of those accounts, and you can share your comments through those sites as well. All of the feeds have changed, so if you would like to follow me, please resubscribe using one of the links on this page. I hope you enjoy the new sight!

I’m Back

In case you haven't noticed, I've been taking a hiatus from blogging. I was waiting until I could come up with a plan to stay on top of it. Now with a plan fully in place you can expect to see blog updates from me about 3 times a week. 

Check back Friday for my first real blog in over 2 months entitled: "Your Tongue Sucks."

Don't miss it.

New Address – Update your RSS feed

The Typepad address for all of our staff blogs have recently changed. Because the blog was initially only for me, but shortly thereafter, the account became used for all of our staff blogs. Therefore, even though the url is, it actually pointed to

Now the typepad address has been changed to When visiting any of the staff blogs, you can still use or or, etc. But if you have subscribed to any of the staff blogs by RSS feed, you need to resubscribe in order to receive updates.

Uganda 09 – Team Interviews Take 2

Uganda 09 – A Message from Mary to Janet Via

In June of 2009, Janet Via gave some money to this woman for medical attention which saved her life. She asked if I was express her deep gratitude to her. So we put her on video and uploaded it.

Uganda 09 – Team Interviews Take 1

Uganda 09 – The Heart of a Director

We recently discovered that Godfrey and some of the lead staff of Arise Africa do not take salaries so that there is more money to do the work of the ministry. Mark Harvey and I had a chance to sit down with Godfrey and talk about how he supports himself and is able to make a living without ever having a salary.

Apologies for the poor video quality. I didn't realize until it was already uploaded. 

Thank You from a Ugadan Pastor

I had the privilege of sharing a meal with some people from the Ugandan side of our team, and to hang out a little while with Pastor Moses Wampande. Pastor Wampande doesn't speak English, but he dictated a letter of thanks and had someone write it in English so that he could personally say thank you. 

Uganda 09 – African Worship

One of my favorite things about coming to Uganda is being able to be a part of their worship services. These are a people who have so little and yet full joy of the Lord which makes itself so evident in their worship. Check out both clips. They will bless you.

I love to watch the children dance and have a good time during worship!