“Fight for Her”

So many of you have asked so many questions about what has happened and what is currently going on with our adoption. The goal of this letter is to give you a brief summary of the events that have transpired which have brought us to where we are now and what lies ahead.

In December of 2010 my wife Kelly and I began the process of adopting a little girl from the babies home that Journey sponsors in Uganda, Africa.

Our first Ugandan court date was scheduled for November of 2011. It was subsequently cancelled and rescheduled for April 2012. After our court date in April, we were awarded guardianship of Chloe and immediately began the process of immigrating her to the US.

In June of 2012, the US Embassy in Uganda denied our request for a visa saying that our case was “not clearly approvable.” They sent our case to the US Citizenship and Immigrations Services field office in Nairobi, Kenya. It was during this process that we fully anticipated being granted our visa. However, after several months, we were sent a request for more evidence. With the help of an attorney, Kelly traveled back to Uganda to collect the information they required. Nevertheless, in October the USCIS informed us of their intent to finally deny Chloe a visa, giving us 1 more month to change their minds.¬†We hired a new attorney to fight for us during this process and we have been waiting to hear back once again.

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Returning Early September…

This site will recommence in early September. In the meantime, you can explore the old posts. For updates on what in the world is going on with our adoption process, you can follow our family blog at thevias.com. Our attorney has advised us to keep it password protected, so if you need the password, leave a comment, message me on Facebook, or email me and I’ll shoot it your way.

Regardless, please remember to keep us in your prayers.

“Leavin’ on a Jet Plane…”

In just a few short hourse, I will be on an airplane headed for Uganda. Jimmy, his wife Beverly, and I are going to visit with my Ugandan family, introduce Jimmy and Beverly to the ministry there, and to do tons of training for pastors and their wives. Arise Africa (the Ugandan organization that we partner with) has over 200 hundred churches under their care that they have planted in the last 10 years or so. We are going to meet the pastors of every single church and provide them with training and encouragement. We are also going to visit the orphanage that Arise Africa is building that we (as a church) have supported financially.

Last year, we took the very first Journey Church team to work in Uganda. Now we are going back with a small team, and plan to return with a larger team in October of this year. God is doing great things in Uganda, and it is an awesome thing to get hooked up with what he is already doing. When we returned last year, I posted a highlights video on this blog. I'm posting it again here for those of you that have never seen it. By the way, the music is from Josh and Tasha Via's CD, "The Healing." You should buy it.

Lastly, our access to internet will be extremely limited. I will post as I am able. Continue to check back here for updates!