That Was Smooth… Eating his own toenail

The title says it all. mmmmmm. enjoy. Also, several people have accused me of doctoring the footage by adding sound effects. The sound effects are 100% genuine. There are no added sound effects. I just have some hard toenails, that's all. If you think it sounds loud in the video, you should have heard it reverberating in my head!

That Was Smooth… Getting Slapped in the Face

Okay, here is the one that you have all been waiting for. This one was filmed before a live studio audience (our Super Bowl party). And the "replay" of it finally aired this past weekend at Uprising.  It was the first ever (and perhaps last ever) living filming of a "That Was Smooth" video. Be sure to enjoy it here, because I can promise you this will NEVER happen again!

That Was Smooth… Shaving Off One of His Eyebrows

Once again I'm a little behind in getting this video up. I'm going to try to make sure my video guys have these exported and uploaded in advance so that I can post them immediately after they air Sunday nights at Uprising.

This week's selection: "Shave off one of your eyebrows." Awesome. My poor wife has had to resign to the fact that I am going to be continually looking strange and perhaps constantly injured… at least for awhile.

Here it is, this week's "That Was Smooth."

That Was Smooth Eating a Leaf

This "That Was Smooth" video debuted over a week ago, but I didn't have a copy to post. I finally got my hands on the copy today so that I could put it up. Thise weekend is our special Uprising Superbowl, so there will be no "That Was Smooth" this weekend. However, you don't want to miss out on next weekends episode. It's going to be amazing.

That Was Smooth – Pink Nails

I'm introducing a new segment. This weekend marks the launch of our brand new youth service called "Uprising." This service is amazing. It's a service for youth by youth. If you see this blog before Sunday night at 5:30, and you're in the Raleigh area, you need to go ahead and make the decision to come check it out in our student center. You can find more about here:

Now, onto the new segment. Each week in Uprising will feature a segment called "That Was Smooth." In our student center there is a box, and our students can write an idea, any idea (as long as it's not immoral or unethical), and I select something every week to do. I will probably post them on my blog after Uprising each week. But this week, I'm giving you guys in the blogosphere a special sneak preview of the first ever "That Was Smooth."

This weeks selection: "Have your daughter paint your nails hot pink and leave it there until it chips off."