The First The Last

Josh Via's new album "The First The Last" hit iTunes today. I know that I'm maybe a little biased, but simply put: it's amazing. 

Right now as I post this blog, the album is listed at #27 in iTunes' Top Christian/Gospel albums! That's right, this independently released album is currently beating out albums such as Hillsong's "This Is Our God.

I'm on a mission to make this album reach the Top 10 before the day is out. If you plan on buying this album any time soon, you need to stop what you are doing, go to iTunes and buy it now. The more interest we generate, and the more downloads that happen today, the faster it will climb to the top of the charts. If you usually just copy other people's music or download illegally, don't. Please go purchase it on iTunes. It's only $9.99 for the whole album. You're not that broke.

I've been listening to it all day as I study and prepare to teach at a beach retreat this weekend. Josh's remake of the song "When God Ran" is hands down the best version of that song I have ever heard. As I was listening to it today, I was suddenly and completely reduced to tears in a public place. Such is the power of that song and the entire album. It is an anointed project and will bless you in your walk with Jesus.

Go buy it now. Seriously. I promise you won't regret it.

Luke Wood is my Daddy

I just downloaded Luke Wood's new album. Okay, it's not new. It actually came out last year, but it's new to me. His previous album "The Law and the Prophets," has long been one of my favorites. I have been listening to it non-stop for the past couple of days, which made me think, "I wonder if Ol' Luke has a new album." So I pulled him up on Napster and downloaded "The Sound of War." All I can say is: "Wow!" It doesn't disappoint. This man must bathe in Scripture. Just as in his previous album, "The Sound of War" drips with both biblical allusions and direct scripture references. His style is a little more upbeat than his previous album but stays well within his acoustic indie-rock roots. My favorite track right now is "King and Priest." Check out these lyrics.

Behold the Lamb of God, the man who ransoms dead men from their graves
You saved us
You hold the scepter and the censer,
Youʼre our King and Priest forever

Immanuel,  God with us has come, our Great High Priest 
Who ever lives to intercede
Who can stand before the son of man, exalted to the right hand of God
Every knee will bow, for every eye will see Him on the clouds in power

Immanuel, God with us, come home, and be our King,
Jesus, claim Your Throne
We Your people volunteer,
we come now of our own free will and beckon You to return
Lead us in through Zionʼs gates where the Throne of David waits
Oh King of Righteousness, let Your glory fill the earth

  So good! This album is one of my new favorites. If you love good music and scripture, then it will quickly become one of your favorites as well. This is a "must have" for your library. Go get it today. Seriously. Go get it. And if you don't love it, then you must not love the Bible. Just kidding… or am I?