Collide: Special 3:12 Event

This weekend marks the beginning of a new series in 3:12 called “Collide.”

Ask anyone who’s ever run into a sliding glass door that was closed, or went for the same baseball as a teammate, or experienced a fender bender at a stoplight-a collision changes things. Whether it’s a bump on the head or a cracked bumper, something is not the same as it was before. The same thing happens when we collide with God or His truth or even other people. We’re changed. But unless we put ourselves in a position to collide, everything will stay the same. So are you ready to change, are you ready to collide? Continue reading

EIKON Part 3: Matt’s Mistake

The third in a four-part miniseries chronicling the events that
surrounded Matt, Wes, and Austin as they prepare for Eikon summer camp.

an effort to rid himself of a shadowy tag along, Matt makes a serious

Bungee Jump Over The Nile River

In case you didn't know, one of the things I do here at Journey is oversee the production of our creative elements which mostly involves videos, graphics, etc. We attempt to stay three sermon series ahead so that we can plan and prepare appropriately. Everyone once in a while we get even further ahead than that.

We've known for about 4 months that we were going to do this series called "Jump" in January, which allowed me to get some pretty unique footage for a video. When I was in Uganda back in October, we captured footage of me bungee jumping over the Nile River. In case you missed this weekend, here it is again.

Rock Your Face Off – Episode 3: From the Minds of Matt & Wes

Rock Your Face Off – Episode 2: What’s Cookin’ with Shef & Adam’s Ultimate Challenge

From the Mind of Matt & Wes Short Film Festival

As part of the 2nd Annual 2008 Winter Rock-Your-Face-Off Christmas All-nighter Bash. Matt & Wes will be putting on a short film festival. It's going to be unbelievable. Check out the teaser trailer:

(P.S. It is not really rated R, and there isn't any nudity, unless you count nudity of the brow after I shaved my eyebrow)

From the Mind of Matt & Wes – A Week Without Coffee

The new feature at our monthly Uprising event is a huge hit, and it's back by popular demand. This month the boys tackle very serious issue of coffee addiction. I have no idea who the modeled the main character after. I'm sure it's completely fictional and any similarities to a real life person are purely coincidental.

From the Mind of Matt & Wes: Mannequin Man Strikes Again

Okay, so you you're not allowed to ask what the heck this is. Well, you can ask, but you won't get an answer, because I honestly have no idea. I gave two guys who work with our student ministry the task of coming up with a random video for Uprising event every month. I asked them to take ownership of it and create the video from beginning to end. The only boundaries I gave them: 1) Don't be Vulgar. 2) It has to be funny. 3) All of the video must come from you, from inception to fruition. 

We call the segment "From the Mind of Matt & Wes" (in case you didn't figure it out, those are the names of the guys who are responsible for the segment). A few weeks ago, they aired the first ever "From the Mind of Matt & Wes." I've debated ever since then about sharing the video on my blog, because… well… it's random, makes little or no sense, and might be a little demented (maybe I should have added a fourth rule: don't be demented). I'm not even sure if it's funny. But since it's airing, I've had multiple requests to put it on my blog, so I've finally decided to do so. 

So here it is. If it doesn't make you laugh, it will probably at least somewhat entertain you. You will find it popping into your brain randomly throughout the day as you continually ask yourself, "What the heck was that?"

Cell Phone Fun – 1 Thing @ Starbucks

Okay. Here it is for all you "1 Thing I Need to Change" junkies. Here I am at Starbucks today continuing the campaign. If you can get your hands on some of our "fake" newspapers, they make great reading material at your favorite coffee spot. I dropped a few off today, as well as employed a few other tactics.

The volume is not that great as I was trying to be discreet, since I one of the things I was doing was posting a "1 Thing" flyer on their announcement board!

Fight of My Life: Episode 3 (better late than never)

So, I just realized yesterday that I never posted Episode three of the "Fight of My life." So I'm posting it now. Some of you who do not come to Journey may have been waiting on this for sometime. My apologies. Better late than never, I guess.