About Smooth

Smooth is a follower of Jesus, husband, and father. He and his wife Kelly have four girls, Cana, Kayil, Chloe, and karis. they’re journey in following jesus has recently led them to live in uganda africa. Here they are working to train pastors and youth pastors, plant churches, and invite others to follow jesus as well. smooth has two simple goals in life: obedience and holiness.

The Story

Smooth met Kelly in high school at church “lock-in.” He was immediately smitten with her and refused to leave until he had her number. They were 17. Two and half years later, while on a mission trip to Uganda, he proposed to her on the Nile River (and she said “yes”). So in a very real way, their hearts have always been tied to Uganda, and they continued to stay connected through short-term mission trips. Years later, they sensed God calling them to adopt a little girl from the orphanage they supported and helped build. Two years after that process began, God called them to pack their bags and move to Uganda. He views himself less as a missionary and more as a husband and father who is simply following Jesus wherever he leads.


Following Jesus, theology, philosophy, ethics, church history, studying Scripture, reading, my family, being a great husband and dad, Jeeps, student ministry, music, Uganda and probably a lot of other things I can’t think of right now.