Collide: Special 3:12 Event

This weekend marks the beginning of a new series in 3:12 called “Collide.”

Ask anyone who’s ever run into a sliding glass door that was closed, or went for the same baseball as a teammate, or experienced a fender bender at a stoplight-a collision changes things. Whether it’s a bump on the head or a cracked bumper, something is not the same as it was before. The same thing happens when we collide with God or His truth or even other people. We’re changed. But unless we put ourselves in a position to collide, everything will stay the same. So are you ready to change, are you ready to collide?

Don’t miss this special week. Micah Brown will be leading us in worship and Aaron Bauer will be bringing the Word. Bring a friend, and we’ll see you there: Sunday night, 6-8pm in the Studio.