Naked and Hiding – Part 1 of 3

Back in the beginning, Adam and Eve had an intimate uninhibited relationship with each other and with the God of the Universe, but it wasn't long before they screwed it all up. In Genesis 3, they rebelled and sinned, and the very first thing that happened is that they realized that they are naked. So they ran and tried to cover up their nakedness. Before that moment they were uninhibited. No shame. No fear. Then suddenly they were compelled to hide from each other.

Then God came walking through the Garden in the cool of the evening, and when Adam and Eve heard him, they scattered and hid. When God called to the man, Adam answered by saying that they hid from God because they were naked. This was always interesting to me, because technically they weren't naked anymore. They had already covered themselves with fig leaves. I don't think they were self-conscious of their physical nakedness before God. When standing before God, everything is laid bare, his eyes piercing flesh and bone and mind and soul. Never before had that been a scary thing for them. But now with sinful rebellion in their their hearts, standing naked before God is a frightful idea. Before God they are naked, exposed, ashamed, afraid. So they hid, and mankind has been hiding ever since. 

We hide our sin from each other. We don't want other people to know about the crap in our lives. We hide it and pretend like everything is fine. More importantly, we hide from God. Even those of us who are followers of Jesus often find ourselves hiding from God. We avoid spending time with him. We don't have any real prayer life to speak of. Sure, we ask for things and we thank him for things, but deep intimate conversation never happens. The truth is that we are naked, exposed, ashamed, and afraid. You might be wondering why you can't seem to get the hang of spending time with God. It might just be because you have unconfessed or habitual sin in your life, and because of that sin you have this natural aversion to spending time with God – standing before him completely naked and exposed. As long as you harbor sin in your life, you are not going to want to spend time with God. In fact you are going to want to do the exact opposite: hide. Just like Adam and Eve, God sees you anyway. And just like Adam and Eve, he is calling to you. Maybe it's time to come out of hiding