Thank You from a Ugadan Pastor

I had the privilege of sharing a meal with some people from the Ugandan side of our team, and to hang out a little while with Pastor Moses Wampande. Pastor Wampande doesn't speak English, but he dictated a letter of thanks and had someone write it in English so that he could personally say thank you. 

Uganda 09 – African Worship

One of my favorite things about coming to Uganda is being able to be a part of their worship services. These are a people who have so little and yet full joy of the Lord which makes itself so evident in their worship. Check out both clips. They will bless you.

I love to watch the children dance and have a good time during worship!

“When you come, you bring hope.”

Our mission goes far beyond just the few days that we are here, and is much greater than any teachings and few gifts we can bring them.