Namayingo Day 1: Overview in Video Clips

Okay, here is a ton of videos all at once. This will act as a sort of overview of our first day of ministry out in the villages. Day 1 and 2 we were in Namayingo Zone. Here is Day one.

This was our veiw as we pulled into the first village on our first full day of ministry. You try to prepare your team for this, but there really is just no way to describe it until you can experience it for yourself. It can be very overwhelming but also very humbling and very fun!


Rob Wetzel teaching in one of our seminars for both church leaders and new believers.

Short clip of Stan Cherry sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with a group of children.

Laura Freeman teaching about the persistence of Christ during one of our seminars.

Mark teaching during one of our seminars. The Holy Spirit seemed to move in a powerful as a result of Mark's talk.

It was humbling to see these dear people openly confess their sin and repent as a result of Mark Harvey's talk.

Uganda 09 – First Day: Tour of the Orphange

It has taken me three full days to get this video online, but it's finally up! Back on our first day here in Uganda, after Godfrey showed us around the Secondary School out at Bukaleba, he then toured us around the main area of the orphanage, which is nearly completed. They are behind schedule (they originally expected to be moved in by now) but they expect to have it completed and the orphans moved in by late December 2009. Here is a look around orphanage. 

Please excuse the rough video and audio. The area is still under construction and can be difficult for your camera man to maneuver when trying to film and walk backwards at the same time!)