Uganda 09 – Team Interviews Take 2

Uganda 09 – A Message from Mary to Janet Via

In June of 2009, Janet Via gave some money to this woman for medical attention which saved her life. She asked if I was express her deep gratitude to her. So we put her on video and uploaded it.

Uganda 09 – Team Interviews Take 1

Uganda 09 – The Heart of a Director

We recently discovered that Godfrey and some of the lead staff of Arise Africa do not take salaries so that there is more money to do the work of the ministry. Mark Harvey and I had a chance to sit down with Godfrey and talk about how he supports himself and is able to make a living without ever having a salary.

Apologies for the poor video quality. I didn't realize until it was already uploaded. 

Thank You from a Ugadan Pastor

I had the privilege of sharing a meal with some people from the Ugandan side of our team, and to hang out a little while with Pastor Moses Wampande. Pastor Wampande doesn't speak English, but he dictated a letter of thanks and had someone write it in English so that he could personally say thank you. 

Uganda 09 – African Worship

One of my favorite things about coming to Uganda is being able to be a part of their worship services. These are a people who have so little and yet full joy of the Lord which makes itself so evident in their worship. Check out both clips. They will bless you.

I love to watch the children dance and have a good time during worship!

“When you come, you bring hope.”

Our mission goes far beyond just the few days that we are here, and is much greater than any teachings and few gifts we can bring them.

Uganda 09 – Kaliro Day 1 Video Clips

Austin interviewed Rachel about the trip so far and tried to get her to commit on camera do doing the bungee jump later this week.

Here, Rob is praying with a woman as she gives her life to Christ and surrenders everything to him.

Luara hanging out the the locals while holding one lady's newborn baby.

Blair shared the gospel with a small group of people and many of them gave their lives to Christ.

Urgent Prayer Request from Uganda

My dear friend and Director of Arise Africa, Godfrey Wanamitsa and his family need your prayer. They have been through many trials this past year and it just seems that it won't let up. When we first arrived here, most of his family was healthy except that his youngest boy Joseph was struggling with malaria to the point of causing fever seizures. This was also happening when we were here in March. But now, as I write this update, ALL of his family except for him and his daughter Grace (he and his wife Joy have 8 kids) are sick with a serious and new strain of malaria that has proved very difficult to combat. Please view the video below and then take a few minutes as soon as it is done and lift up his family to the Lord. We need our director and his family to be healthy.

Please excuse the poor audio.  There was much activity going on around us.

Namayingo Day 2 Video Clips

Helen, Rachel, and Laura lead music with motions during one session of our children’s program.

Mary, Meagan, and Ashely do crafts during one session with our Children’s program

Everyday we send three people from our team to some local schools to minister to the kids at the school and share the Gospel with them. Here Blair is leading them in music.