Why I’m a Die-Hard Fan of Caribou Coffee

Caribou Well, if you follow me on Twitter, by now you know that I'm
pretty much a coffee addict. But I'm not just addicted to any coffee. I like
good coffee, and good coffee can be hard to come by. Now there are some pretty
good shops in the Triangle that have good coffee, but few of them have
consistently good coffee. For instance, Starbucks has a few roasts that are
good. "Pike's Place" (pretty much the only coffee they offer after
noon), which I affectionately call "Puke Place," is not a good

But the one coffee shop that is pretty consistent is Caribou
Coffee. That being said, lately I've been frustrated, because the only Caribou
location that is convenient to where I live and work has only been offering one regular coffee, and
it's usually a lite roast. Now, I'm not necessarily a lite roast "hater," but there are only a few lite roasts that I really enjoy. When I inquired from a barista as to why they only offered one regular coffee, I was
told it had to do with the economy and it was too expensive to brew two
different types of regular coffee. So basically, they have been more concerned
with saving a few extra bucks than attracting the picky coffee aficionados like
myself. That sounds more like Starbucks than the Caribou that I know and love. So when I go in the morning (as I did this
morning) and they are only offering their "Columbia" roast (which I
don't care for), that's irritating. So I pay the extra cash to have French
press of a roast that I do like.

Well, this morning I was reminded of why I'm such a die hard
fan. After paying the extra cash for a French pressed Mahogany, I sat down, went
on-line to their website, and filled out a survey. I was very kind in the
survey, but expressed my irritation at the daily roast selection. No more than
2 hours later, I received the following email from the district manager:


I am the District Manager with Caribou Coffee and first off
want to say Thank you for taking time to write us with your feedback regarding
Triangle Town Center. At Caribou we strive to offer products of the highest
quality while delivering superior customer service. I apologize that was not
the case during a recent visit to one of our locations.  I have spoken with the team at the location
in an effort to not have this happen again. 
The staff will be developing a way to offer a better variety of our
blends and a plan to be able to offer a french press at the coffee of the day
price in the event we are not brewing a particular roast.

As a token of my appreciation for your feedback and to
express my regret for your recent experience, I would ask you to respond back
to me with a mailing address that I can send a gift card for your next visit to
any of our locations
.  Thanks again for
your feedback and for allowing Caribou to be a part of your coffee experience.

Thanks and have a great day!

 Richard Freeman
 District Manager – Raleigh, NC

That is what I call customer service. Thanks Richard. Thanks for reminding me of why I'm a die-hard fan. And
thank you Caribou for caring about coffee, maybe as much as I do.

  • http://www.tashavia.blogspot.com Tasha Via

    That is AWESOME!!!!

  • http://johncheatham.com John Cheatham

    Sweet! French press for the cost of regular if they aren’t brewing the one you want? Geez. That rocks.

  • http://www.smoothandkellyvia.blogspot.com Kelly Via

    I am so glad you wrote them, babe!! AND, I love that they were so receptive! Caribou is pretty awesome…now they just need a drive thru one close by :)

  • Dan Weiss

    Our local Caribou’s (Cleveland East Side) have excellent atmosphere and great customer service. I avoid Starbucks like the plague.

  • Pam

    We, too love Caribou but no longer live where they are established. I have always thought their customer service was great and was reminded of that when we were in Monticello, MN for a visit.
    We have Starbucks and one lone Dunn Brothers!!

  • Another Barista

    I’m a past Bou employee and this is why I loved working for them.