I Love My Pastor

There are actually a lot of reasons why I love my pastor, but today I just want to share one.

Yesterday, Pastor Jimmy and I had a meeting over lunch. We were riding together back to the warehouse when my wife called. From the very first words out of her mouth, I could tell that she was beyond frustrated, and that she had probably been crying just before she called me. She began to explain to me how she went to get our baby car seat out of the shed (our new baby is due in 1 week) only to discover that it is covered in mold, lots and lots of fuzzy, hairy mold. 

This car seat would have made anyone cringe, but Kelly is a "germaphobe" and I'm sure just the thought of putting our baby-to-be in that car seat made her nauseous. But she is also very aware of our financial situation and that we don't have the money to buy a new car seat right now (We're not poor by any strectch of the imagination, but we live on tight budget). So being the amazing wife that she is, she sucked it up, took the car seat inside and began taking it apart so that she could clean it up. When she got the individual pieces of fabric off of the car seat, she began to smell the distinct scent of urine. She knew that if it was in the fabric, it was also down in the nooks and crannies of the car seat itself. And since it had been in the shed, her first thought is: "rats have been in this car seat." It's at that point that she began crying. Now my wife NEVER uses coarse language. So you know for her to use coarse language she's really worked up. When she called me, she said that all she could think about was putting our little newborn baby girl in "rat piss!"

I tried to calm her down, and tell her that it was okay and that we didn't have to use that car seat. So I said, "Just talk to me about solutions. Don't worry about that car seat. We won't use it. That's not an option. But obviously we don't have the money to go out right now and buy a new one. So what's the solution?" After a few minutes, we decided that Craig's List was probably our best option. I told her that I would cancel what I had going on that evening and that we could go check out some car seats from Craig's List if she would search see what's out there. This solution was, of course, a huge stretch for her because she is "germaphobe" and would have no knowledge of what may have happened in any used car seat we could find. But she was willing to look, and I agreed to find the money to make it happen.

When I got off the phone, Pastor Jimmy turned to me and said in typical Jimmy fashion, "So, what's the deal?" I said, "what do you mean?" He said, "With your wife. What's the deal?" So I began to unfold for him the whole scenario. When I was finished, he said, "That's really funny because Beverly and I wanted to do something for you guys for the new baby. And just before your wife called, I was about to ask you if there was anything that you still really needed for the baby. So is that what you need? You need a car seat?" I told him that was definitely what we need. He turned to me and said, "Dude, that's a done deal. Call your wife back right now so she won't stress over it anymore." When I called my wife back and gave her the news, she didn't respond immediately. I have AT&T, so I couldn't tell if we had been disconnected or if she was crying. As it turns out, she had been so stressed out over this, and now she was so relieved and overjoyed that she was weeping on the other end of the phone! From there, Jimmy immediately took me to the bank where he withdrew and handed me more than enough money to cover the cost of a new car seat. Later that evening, I turned that money over to my wife which she used to go out and buy a brand new car seat for little baby Karis.

Kelly is a very happy and very grateful mom. I'm happy because she's happy, and I'm blessed to serve Jesus with a man like Jimmy. I love him not just because he was (and is) generous to me and my family, but because he genuinely loves, appreciates, and invests in us.

So Jimmy, from the entire Via Family Clan (Smooth, Kelly, Cana, Kayil, & Karis): 

We love you and appreciate you. Thank you for being a blessing to our family.
  • http://johncheatham.com/ John Cheatham

    That’s awesome, man. God truly does provide.

  • Kevin Small

    I agree 100% with this testimony. Pastor Jimmy we, the Small Family, Love and appreciate you very much as well. Thank-you for being obedient, starting Journey, and being our pastor.

  • Stacy

    That’s awesome!

  • http://www.tashavia.blogspot.com Tasha Via

    What an awesome testimony of a True Pastor!

  • http://www.smoothandkellyvia.blogspot.com Kelly Via

    I couldn’t agree more. All I can say is thank you – from my 9+ month pregnant, emotional heart :) What a blessing!

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