Sneak Preview: On Trust

Here is a sneak preview of a message I'm working on entilted "Moved to Rest." Come hear the rest this weekend!


Every one of us felt that perfect rest and peace at
the moment we gave our lives to Jesus. But then slowly over time, it began to
fade. And here’s why:
Your level of
trust must increase as your level of awareness increases.
What does that

Last summer, Cana was fearless around water. She
was only 2 and a half, but she had this little floatie deal that helped her swim. She
would jump in off of the side, jump off of diving boards, purposefully go under
water. Once she wanted to go down this big water slide, we got all the way to
the top and they wouldn't let her slide because she was to little. She was
devastated and cried and cried. She wasn’t scared of it! Now this year we took
her to the pool for the first time and we expected her to do even more than she
had done last year. But that’s not the case. She won’t even jump to me from the
side of the pool. She wants to, but she breaks down crying from fear. We were frustrated
at first, until we realized what was going on. She’s a year older. Her capacity
to understand things and increased exponentially from last year. Her awareness
of the world has increased. She now has some concept of pain and consequences
and even death. You see, her level of awareness has increased, but her level of
trust in her daddy has not increased in the same measure. She was willing to
jump to her daddy when all she knew was that she might get water in her eyes.
But now she knows that if she stays under the water for too long, she may never
come back up again. And suddenly she's not so sure if she wants to trust her
daddy to catch her.

 When you were saved, for most of us, it was a very
basic childlike faith. All we knew was that it was the difference between
heaven and hell, and significance and meaninglessness. Of course you are going
to choose heaven. Of course you are going to choose significance. But then you
began to follow Jesus and your awareness increased. You realized this isn't
just about going to heaven; he wants your whole life. He wants to have his way
in your marriage, and your children, and in your job, and in your finances, and
your relationships. As you grew in knowledge about what the Christian life was
about, your level of awareness increased but your level of trust did not
increase in the same measure. 

When your level of trust does not increase with
your level of awareness, it creates stress in your life.