Great Prayers of the Past – Susanna Wesley

A while back I was doing a segment that I called "Great Daily Prayers." These were prayers that I have used to direct me during specific times, and most of them came directly from Thomas a'Kempis. Well,

now I'm going to be doing away with that segment and a new one is going to replace it.

The new segment is called "Great Prayers of the Past." Here I will highlight some prayers of great followers of Jesus who have gone before us. It fascinates me to know how people who walked closer to Jesus than I do prayed. What was their conversation with God like?

Today's installment comes from Susanna Wesley. Susanna was the mother of 19 children, two of whom you may have heard of: John and Charles Wesley (John was perhaps the founder of the modern missionary movement and the modern small group. Charles was a leader in his brother's movement and wrote some of the best hymns of all time). Susanna was known for being an incredible woman of God and she raised some awesome men of God.

Now that I am a father of two (and soon to be three), I am beginning to look to people like this to understand what their walk with God was like. She obviously did something right to have raised the men that she did. Here is a small glimpse into her prayer life.

Susanna Wesley (1669 – 1742)
I thank you, O God, for the relief and satisfaction of mind that come with the firm assurance that you govern the world; for the patience and resignation to your providence that are afforded as I reflect that even the tumultuous and irregular actions of the sinful are, nevertheless, under your direction, who are wise, good, and omnipotent, and have promised to make all things work together for good to those who love you.