Innovate Church Day 2 – Session 4: Perry Noble

Speaker: Perry Noble
Pastor of Newspring Church – Anderson, SC

As you can tell, I skipped out on session 3 today. I wasn't just playing hookie, I actually had some work I had to get done. I'm looking forward to tonight's session with Perry Noble. I like Perry because he is a man who is not afraid to tell it like it is. Too many times, we refrain from saying things because we think they are "innappropriate." In reality the only thing that is innappropriate is not speaking the truth in love. Or sometimes we do speak it,  but we water it down and speak in terms that are so vauge that no one even knows what we're talking about.

I already liked Perry, but I liked him even more when I saw that he posted a blog entitled "Attention Pastors: Keep you penis in your pants!!!" last October. It's been a couple of years since I've had the opportunity to hear him in person. I'm looking forward to tonight. I hope you enjoy tonight's live blog as well.

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starting this one about 10 minutes late. Sorry about that…

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