Uganda Update # 2

This one is going to have to be quick. The ministry is going well. We are flat out getting it done. When I was making all of the plans with Godfrey (Director of Arise Africa), I told him that I wanted to go very far out deep into the bush because when most teams come, they can never reach there since it is so far away. So yesterday we spent 13 hours in the car and did 5 hours of training with some pastors and church leaders. That makes an 18 hour day! Wow. It was crazy.

Thankfully today we stayed in town and had the pastors from the surrounding zones come to us. So it was a very easy day, and we are rested up for another long day tomorrow.

The team is doing a great job. God is using us to teach, train, and encourage these precious pastors. It has been great to reach the ones who are far out in the bush. Because many of them have never had a team come visit them. They have been so overwhelmingly grateful for us. It has been a ton of fun to get to do this with my dad and my pastor, two heroes in my life. It has been a priveledge to lead this team here.

Please keep praying for us. There is still much work to be done. I will give updates as I can, and I will post some videos and pictures when I return.