Book Review: Kiss

I just finished reading Kiss by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy. Pretty much every Dekker book that I've ever read I've finished in a maximum of three days. This one I've been working on for about two weeks. It's not that it wasn't a good story; it was. It just wasn't a captivating story. I don't read many novels (comparatively), and when I do I want it to be one of those type of stories that I obsess over to the point of neglecting other necessary things in life (i.e. sleeping). 

One positive about the book was a solid ending. I have often felt that Dekker is a phenomenal story teller who struggles with finding an ending that is as grandiose as the story itself. The end result is that the ending often feels anti-climatic. The ending of this story was rather obvious, but (in it's defense) it wasn't meant to be a twist ending. The ending was solid and fitting, just not surprising. 

The book is worth your time, but checking it out from the library is probably a better idea than buying at it's current hardback rate, since you probably won't read it more than once. It receives 3 stars from me because my rating system (in the left column) won't allow 2 1/2 stars.