What I’m Up To

I've decided to start "twittering." Man, for some reason there is not way to say that without it sounding gay. Anyway, I have officially started, and I'm trying to bring the rest of the staff on board as well. You'll notice the new section in the left-hand column called "What I'm Up To." I'm using Loopt as my client on my iphone which updates my twitter which in turn updates my blog. The advantage to this is that you will not only know what I'm doing, but where I am at (because of Loopt's GPS function), and I can also post a picture. 

So enjoy. I'll try to keep it updated as often as possible.

On a side note: it seems really arrogant and prideful to assume that people actually care what we're up to every minute of every day. Then again, people really do seem to love this kind of junk.