That Was Smooth – Pink Nails

I'm introducing a new segment. This weekend marks the launch of our brand new youth service called "Uprising." This service is amazing. It's a service for youth by youth. If you see this blog before Sunday night at 5:30, and you're in the Raleigh area, you need to go ahead and make the decision to come check it out in our student center. You can find more about here:

Now, onto the new segment. Each week in Uprising will feature a segment called "That Was Smooth." In our student center there is a box, and our students can write an idea, any idea (as long as it's not immoral or unethical), and I select something every week to do. I will probably post them on my blog after Uprising each week. But this week, I'm giving you guys in the blogosphere a special sneak preview of the first ever "That Was Smooth."

This weeks selection: "Have your daughter paint your nails hot pink and leave it there until it chips off."