Perpetual Holiday

I'm a sucker for great quotes. I ran across this one today, and I loved it.

"A perpetual
holiday is a good working definition of hell."

George Bernard

I love this quote, even though I have mixed feelings about it. My first thought is that my good buddy George must not have had the kind of family that I have. I love holidays, because I love spending time with my family, both my immediate and my extended family. My wife and I have two beautiful children and another one on the way. God has blessed me with the most amazing family. In ministry, I am busy through the weekend, so I take one day during the week to just relax and hang out with my family. I look forward to it every week. I feel that way about holidays as well, only magnify that feeling by a thousand. It gives me more time to spend with my family. But not only is it MORE time, but it's PURPOSEFUL time. My oldest daughter Cana, is three and she is just getting to that age where she is really beginning to understand and enjoy holidays. Recently she has been asking why Christmas is taking too long (to get here)! I love to see the joy that family togetherness brings to the faces of my wife and girls. It brings me joy and inner happiness. So in that since, a perpetual holiday is probably more like heaven!

I was also raised in an awesome family. My parents and four boys and one girl! Add to that a friend of ours who moved in with us and became assimilated into the family. There are few things that I look forward to as much as when we all get together. There are only a few times a year that happens: family vacation, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. These are my favorite times during the year because I love my family. It's awesome. We all love Jesus. And we all love each other. When I'm together with my entire family, it makes me never want to leave. It's just too much fun. Again, I have to think that this experience must be a small taste of heaven!

On the other hand when Ol' George said "holiday" he probably meant it more along the lines of "vacation." And here is where I can relate to his statement. Vacation is a time when you relax, there is no agenda, there are no appointments to keep, there is no schedule. Now, that's awesome… for awhile. Everyone needs time to stop and take a break. But if all of life was lived that way perpetually, there would be no purpose, no meaning, no drive. Nothing would get done. I am consumed by the gospel. I believe that we are in a battle against the Ruler of this world. I believe that souls are literally at risk. And I believe that I can make a difference. I believe that I am called to make a difference. That is my passion. That is what drives me! So in that sense, a perpetual "holiday" where I am ignoring the call of God on my life, living aimlessly, and simply cruising through life… Yes, that would be a good working definition of hell for me.