Cell Phone Fun – Adventure Landing Lock-in

This past Friday night (or Saturday morning – however you look at it) our youth had a lock in at Adventure Landing in Raleigh. Now, I'm no stranger to this event. I've done it multiple times before and it's always a blast. But this particular time was very rough for me.

First, consider the fact that I have been out of the youth pastor game for 3 years. Youth paststors have a way of building up what I call youth pastor stamina. I am newly back in the game, so I still have not yet re-acclimated to the crazy schedule and grueling events. Second, Friday was already one long day for me. It was one of those days where all of my multiple responsibilities unavoidably collided. Most days are not like that, but Friday was out of control crazy. To help matters, I slept in until 8:00am and then went to work. I started work at 9:00am. I worked hard on weekend stuff, advertising stuff, and OneThingINeedToChange.com stuff (more on that at a later date). Then I had an informal "meeting" to hang out with some kids and go see "House" together at 3:00pm (which was AWESOME, and I'll give you a full review some other time). Then at 5:30 I had a party to thank and celebrate all of my volunteers for all of my First Impressions teams at a farm out past Creedmoore (about an hour away). Then I left there at around 10:00pm to make it back to the Warehouse campus to get ready for the lock-in. I met a few of my leaders there and we left at 11:30pm to head to Adventure Landing where we were meeting all the kids. I left there at around 7:30am (Saturday morning) and headed back to the Warehouse to tidy up a few things I didn't have the chance to finish up on Friday. I finally headed home around 9:45am, and was in bed by 10:30am. My wife was loving and gracious and took the kids out of the house for the day so that I could some sleep. I told her not to let me sleep too long so she called at 4:30pm waking me. She had to call 20 times (not 20 rings, but 20 calls)! Needless to say, I took the night off that night. Thanks to Meme, Kelly and I got to spend some alone time together that evening.

So that was my weekend! On to the real reason your reading this blog: Cell Phone Fun. This is a nauseating clip of one of my youth and I running the doubles kart around the track. Enjoy!