Great Daily Prayers – In Hard Times

Here is another great one by Thomas a'Kempis (for more information on Thomas a'Kempis read the post "Great Daily Prayers – Part 1").

IMPORTANT NOTE: When a'Kempis uses the word "temptation," he doesn't mean it in the modern sense of being tempted to do something bad, evil, or wrong. He means the word to be synonomous with tribulation, trials, or difficult circumstances.

O Lord, blessed by your name forever, for it is your will that this temptation and tribulation come to me.
I cannot escape it, but must run to you so that you can help me and turn it to my good.

Lord, I am now being afflicted, and my heart is troubled by my present suffering and not at peace. 
And now, dear Father, what shall I say?–I am caught in the middle of trouble,  "save me from this hour."
Yet I came to this hour so you might be glorified when I am greatly hubled and delivered by you.
Therefore, let it please you, Lord, to deliver me, for what can a poor wretch like I am do, or where can I go without you?
Give me patience, O Lord, even now in this emergency. Help me, my God, and then I will not be afraid of how much I may be afflicted.

An now in these troubles what shall I say?
"Lord, your will be done." I very much deserve to be afflicted and distressed.
Sureley I should endure it–and, oh, that I may endure it with patience until the storm passes and it becomes calm!
But your all-powerful hand is able to take even this temptation from me, and lessen its violence so that I do not completely sink under it, as you have so often done for me in the past, O my God, my mercy!
And the more difficult this temptation is for me, the easier it is for you to change it by the right hand of the Most High.