Refuel Was Awesome; God Is Amazing

For those of you who missed out on our Refuel service at Journey this Wednesday night, I feel sorry for you. Yes, it was that good. I mean, Refuel is always great, but I have to agree with Pastor Jimmy, this was my favorite Refuel ever.

Crouthamel got to baptize his neighbor. We baptized our first person from the Grande campus. And the major highlight for me was getting to have one of my heroes, Godfrey Wanamitsa, as the special guest speaker. He did an amazing job. Godfrey is the director of Arise Africa International a national organization in Uganda, Africa that is setting their country on fire for Jesus. What was amazing was that Godfrey brought a word of encouragement about how to press on and follow Jesus in a struggling economy. Talk about putting things in perspective. Regardless of how bad our economy is struggling, we are all rich compared to the way he and most everyone else lives in Uganda. And he wanted to bring a word of encouragement to us. The Holy Spirit delivered his words with power and conviction. It was an awesome night.

On top of all of that, the church committed to giving Arise Africa $15,000 to complete phase 1 of the orphanage they are building which will house 50 orphans. And 26 people signed up to support an orphan. So not only do they now have the funds to complete the orphanage, they now have enough people to support every orphan that will be housed in phase 1. God is so good. You can learn more about the orphanage project at

This past August, I had the privilege of leading a team to Uganda to work with their ministry. Check the highlight video below.

Fight of My Life: Episode 2

You can also find these videos on Jimmy's blog, but I promised I would post them so I will continue to do so. Sorry this is so late in coming. I couldn't get it uploaded to vimeo until Wednesday and I was out all day yesterday. So for those of you who have been anxiously awaiting. Here is Part 2.

By the way. If you are going to be in the Northwest Raleigh area on Sunday you should stop by our campus at the Raleigh Grande. Seeing these videos on that huge movie screen adds a whole new element. You can go and catch the grand finale. Check out for location and times.