Great Daily Prayers – The Battle Against the Flesh

As a staff, we have been spiritually gearing up for our current series. We are talking a lot about spiritual warfare, and we knew that Satan and his minions would "up" their attacks on us during this series. In fact we have already been seeing a lot of that. This coming weekend, Jimmy will be preaching about the fight with our enemy and next weekend about the fight with our flesh.
Personally, one of the things I've noticed over the past three days is that one of the ways the Enemy has attacked is to stir up my flesh. Thankfully, the Lord has empowered me resist those attacks. One thing that has helped is another great prayer from Thomas a'Kempis. So, I thought I would share that today. This is a great prayer when dealing with issues of temptation and the flesh.

I will confess my weakness to you, O Lord.
Often just a small matter will make me sad and troubled.
I resolve to act with courage, but when a small temptation comes I am immediately in great distress. Sometimes it is a trifling thing that causes great temptation.
And when I think I am reasonably safe and least expect it, I sometimes find myself almost entirely overcome by the slightest stirring.

Look, therefore, O Lord, at my low condition and my frailty that you know in every way.
Have mercy on me and deliver me out of the mire so I will not be embedded there and be utterly discouraged forever.
Because I am so subject to failing and weak in resisting my passions, I am often driving backwards and shamed before you.
I do not fully consent to them, and their continual assaults are troublesome and grievous to me, and it tires me extremely to live in such a daily conflict.
By this my weakness is shown to me–hateful imaginations always rush into my mind much more easily than they leave it.

Most mighty God of Israel, zealous lover of faithful souls! Oh, that you would consider the labor and sorrow of your servant and assist me in whatever I undertake.
Strengthen me with heavenly courage lest the old man, the miserable flesh that is not yet fully subject to the spirit, prevail and get the upper hand–it is a battle I must fight so long as I draw breath in this difficult life.