The Fight of My Life: Episode 1

Our current series at Journey is "The Fight of My Life." The series is about the battles that we fight as believers: the battle with our minds, the battle with our enemy, and the battle with flesh. Content wise, this is actually a very heavy series.
One of the things that we try to do as a creative team is be aware of series or messages that are going to be very heavy, and plan accordingly. Usually we will do something humorous that actually has no point to it beyond helping break up the heaviness in the room.
That's what we did with this series. We created several episodes of "The Fight of My Life" that do not try to make a point of application. But don't confuse that with thinking that they have no spiritually redeeming value. They are actually very important. When a message or series is very heavy and full of content, people are not able to receive and process everything, and many are even resistant. Laughter has a way breaking down walls and softening hearts. When preparing a message, a good communicator knows where he needs some seemingly "pointless" humor to give his audience's hearts and minds some rest and time to process. Videos like these can be just as important as any other aspect of the sermon.
I'll post these each week after the weekend services. Enjoy!

  • Steven

    Haha this is hilarious! Jimmy is insane! haha but I love it. can’t wait for the series!