Cell Phone Fun – Dad of the Year

This was my Saturday afternoon.

Cell Phone Fun – “Oh No He’ll Never Let Go”

If you are a parent of young kids you know how difficult car rides
can be, especially when it's past the kids' bedtime. Last night we went
to an engagement party for Matt Scott and Stacy Morin (By the way, the
Morin's really know how to throw a party! Thanks for a great time
guys!). The drive home was about 30 minutes, and it was getting late.
To top things off, Kelly had to stop at the grocery store to pick up a
few things. Sitting in the car, on a rainy night, when it's getting
late, with two cranky girls who have been loaded with sugar and junk
food, what was a dad to do?

Why, improvise of course! It's
amazing how many times my smart phone has saved me in such instances.
I've included one of many clips from our layover in the Lowe's Foods
parking lot.

Great Daily Prayers – Part 3

O most merciful Jesus, grant me your grace, that it may be with me and work with me, and continue with me even to the end.
Grant that I may always desire and will that which is most acceptable and pleasing to you.
Let your will be mine, and let my will follow yours and agree perfectly with it.
Let my willingness or unwillingness be all one with you, and let me not be able to will or not will anything but what you will or not will.
Grant that I may die to all things that are in the world, and for your sake love to be despised and not known in this world.
Grant that above all things I may rest in you, and in you have my heart at peace.
You are the true peace of the heart and its only rest — outside of you all things are hard and restless. In this very peace — that is, in you the highest eternal good — I will sleep and rest.