Great Daily Prayers – Part 1

As I read the works and thoughts of great men of God from years past, one of the things that I look for is how did they pray? If prayer is communion and conversation with God, then I want to know how great men of God have prayed. What was their relationship with God like. How did they talk with him and relate to him? Occasionally, I will come across a prayer that impacts me so much, that I record it and periodically pull it out and pray it as it expresses the cry of my heart. These become daily prayers for me. Not that I pray them every single day. But they are recurring prayers in my walk with God at appropriate times in my life.

Over the next couple of days, I'm going to share three of the most recent prayers that have been added to my list of Great Daily Prayers. These three come from Thomas a'Kempis the great 15th century monk. I am sharing these now because they are short, very practical, and applicable during specific times. As time goes on, I will probably share some others. Who knows, maybe you can use them like I do. Be warned: some days they are more difficult to pray than others. And I have found that the days that they are most difficult to pray are the days that I should pray them most.

This on is great when trying to discern my desire vs. God's desire:

Lord, if this is pleasing to you, let it be so.
Lord if it is to your honor, in your name let it be done.
Lord, if you see it is good and beneficial to me, then grant that I may use this to your honor.
But if you know it will be harmful to me and not beneficial to the health of my soul, take away any desire for it from me.