About Journey Church


For more information visit takeajourney.org

What kind of church is Journey Church?
Journey Church is an independent non-denominational church. Our body of
believers is diverse and comes from many denominations and backgrounds.
Journey does partner with denominations, groups, and organizations that
offer vital help in assisting us to accomplish our mission. For
example, we partner with the Southern Baptist Convention for the
purposes of world missions. We also partner with the Willow Creek
Association and the Fellowship Church Network in the area of leadership

What are we all about at Journey Church?
Our mission is to help people follow Jesus. We define a follower of Jesus as someone who gets to know Him and responds.

What can I expect at Journey?
You can expect a
group of people that will love you and welcome you for who you are. You
will see all different types of people from all different walks of life
looking to move forward in their journey with Christ. You will find
worship that is alive and relevant, teaching that is helpful and
inspiring, and an environment where you can come as you are and be
accepted for who you are. In short, you will find a place where you can
be comfortable just being you.

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