“The Wonderful Effects of Divine Love”

In my devotions this morning, I came across this prayer of Thomas a'Kempis, a 15th century monk. He  was a part of The Brethren of the Common Life, a community that was founded to counter the lukewarmness that had developed in the faith of the Roman Catholic Church. It was in this context that he wrote The Imitation of Christ, a literary masterpiece with wonderful insights into spiritual life and the human condition. The portion from which I am quoting comes from chapter 5 of book 3 entitled "The Wonderful Effects of Divine Love."

Ah, Lord God, holy lover of my soul, when you come into my heart everything within me rejoices.
You are my glory and the exultation of my heart–my hope and refuge in the day of trouble.
But because my love is still weak and my virtue imperfect, I need to be strengthened and comforted by you–visit me often, therefore, and teach me with holy discipline.
Free me from evil passions and cleanse my heart of all improper affections, so that being inwardly healed and thoroughly cleansed, I will be fit to love, courageous to suffer, and steady to persevere.

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    This is a very sweet and powerful prayer. Beautiful.