Secret Faults

Who can discern his errors? Acquit me of hidden faults."
Psalm 19:12

This morning I was reminded of my need to ask for the Holy Spirit to illuminate my heart and mind everyday. Let me explain. Every time I come to the Lord in prayer, I already know some of my faults that I need to address with him. Things that I’ve done and mistakes that I’ve made since we last spoke (just 5 minutes before). But reading this verse this morning, I realized for the first time that the psalmist is not talking about sins that he has kept hidden from others but sins that he himself is not aware of.
Jonathan Edwards the great theologian said, "By secret faults, the Psalmist means those which are secret to himself, those sins which were in him or which he was guilty of, and yet was not aware of." How is this possible? How does one commit sins of which he is unaware? Edwards further explains the fact that "many persons live in ways which are displeasing to God, and yet are not sensible of it, may arise from the deceitful nature of sin. Sin always carries a degree of darkness with it; and the more it prevails, the more it darkens and deludes the mind."
So here’s how it works, we do something that displeases God. Yes, we know it displeases God, but it’s just once, right!? Unfortunately, along with that sin comes a certain degree of darknesss that, in turn, darkens and deludes our minds. The longer we live in rebellion, the less we realize that our actions are even displeasing to God, until one day we have a complete blind spot regarding this particular sin. So we go about our merry way, assuming that we are good with God, not even realizing that we are offensive to him.
So how do we remove the blind spot? It requires the work of the Holy Spirit to illuminate our hearts and minds. In another place the Psalmist prayed "Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting." I challenge you to pray this prayer everyday. Ask the Holy Spirit to search you and know your heart and reveal to you any offensive way. Then, simply wait. Wait for him to speak to you. He will speak, and he will show you things that displease him that never even thought about. And when you deal with those things everyday, you will find yourself growing closer to Jesus than you ever thought possible.